Xian Mei

Xian Mei
Xian Mei.png
Age unknown
Occupation Receptionist at the Royal Palm Resort
Nationality Chinese

Xian Mei is one of four playable characters in Dead Island. She is a fictional receptionist at the Royal Palm Resort, and is skilled in the way of swords, an art she brought from her home in China.


[edit] Background

Xian is an employee at the Royal Palm Resort, she was born and raised in China where she gained the skills and knowledge that allowed her to find an occupation which allowed her to leave China in order to experience different cultures.

She is very intelligent and a quick learner. Being very athletic she is quick on her feet.

As a newcomer to the island, Xian was responsible for all the menial tasks before she started working as a receptionist.

[edit] Selection Information

"My father was a very great man. A Chief Inspector for the Hong Kong Police. Even though he died when I was ten, I remember him very well. He was killed by an enforcer for the Wo Shing Wo Triad. And I told myself that I would follow in his footsteps and honor his memory. He taught me martial arts and I continued to practice after he was gone. After finishing at the top of my university class, I joined the Hong Kong Police and was chosen as part of the first all female anti-organized crime squad. I worked hard. I did my best. But the men in charge never intended to put us on the front lines. They didn't train us the way they promised they would. They didn't believe any of us women were up to the task. We were only for show. Instead my superiors sent me here. To this resort. To this front desk. To be an informer. To spy on wealthy Westerners. My father would not be proud of me. This work dishonors his memory. But I will do as they ask. For I am a patriot. But I know I am capable of much, much more. I just need the opportunity to prove myself."

[edit] Stats

  • Specialty: Sharp Weapons
  • Health: 90
  • Speed: 100
  • Stamina: 100
  • Rage Mode: When Xian Mei's Rage mode is activated she unsheathes a knife, greatly increasing damage and speed.
  • Skill Tree Categories: Fury, Combat, Survival

[edit] Gallery

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