Purna File.png
gender Female
Age unknown
Occupation VIP Bodyguard
Nationality Australian

Purna is one of four playable characters in Dead Island. Former officer and current bodyguard, Purna excels at using fire arms.


[edit] Background

Purna was once a police officer before a case involving a child molester stripped her of her badges. Purna, ignoring orders, shot the molester despite his rich status. Purna's actions costed her her job and forces her into her current line of work, a bodyguard.

This situation clearly supports Purna's loathing of rich, selfish men who feel they're better than the law. Purna mentions that she needs to finish her job, referring to the molester who survived the shot.

[edit] Character Selection Information

"I hate rich assholes, which is fucking ironic since I'm expected to put my bloody life on the line for them. That's what they pay me for. This pricey hotel here? To be a bodyguard for the rich and famous fuckwits who come to Banoi to blow their money. I used to be a cop. A bloody good one. A vice detective in Sydney. You know how many female half-Aborigine detectives there were before me? None. You think it was easy suffering the abuse of my so-called colleagues? Half of 'em hated me because I was a girl and the other half didn't like the fact that my mum was a Koori. So I came up the hard way: I busted my ass. It took me twelve years to make detective and that still wasn't enough. It's an old boys' club, you know. The whole justice system is a fucking joke. Teenage drug addicts get put away forever wand old white wankers who steal fucking millions get away scot-free. One rich bugger I investigated was clearly molesting his fourteen year old daughter, but he had too much pull with the politicians, so I couldn't touch him. After the girl killed herself, I confronted him but he just laughed at me. He pulled out a pistol and told me he could blow my bleeding head off and no one would care because I was nothing, a nobody, an Abo bitch... So I fucking took his gun away and shot the bastard. It was self-defense, but I still got sacked. Twelve bloody years down the drain. Worst part is, I didn't even kill the son of a bitch. I just gelded him. One day I'm gonna have to go back and finish the job..."

[edit] Stats

  • Specialty: Firearms
  • Health: 100
  • Speed: 100
  • Stamina: 90
  • Rage Mode: Unlimited use of her revolver (~20 seconds)
  • Skill Tree Categories: Fury, Combat, Survival

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