Dead Island

Dead Island
Dead Island.jpg
Developer Techland
Publisher Deep Silver
Genre Survival Horror
Action RPG
Platforms PC
Xbox 360
Release Date Unconfirmed

Dead Island is an upcoming zombie game being developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver. It will be released for the Xbox 360, PC, and Playstation 3.

It takes place of the island of Banoi.

[edit] Story

The protagonist of the game wakes up one morning to find Banoi to be infested with zombies. The plot of the game is supposedly going to have a more serious tone compared to other zombie games like Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising.

[edit] Gameplay

Dead Island is described as a "survival horror first-person zombie slasher action RPG". It will feature open-world to explore, and will have a heavy emphasis on melee combat. Guns and ammunition will be rare in-game.

There will also be an experience system and skill tree, a long with a stamina bar (every time you swing a weapon your stamina decreases) and a quest system.

The main enemies in the game will be slow-moving zombies, but there will be special types of zombies the player will encounter. It has also been said that there will be different factions that the player can join (ex. Survivors or Military).

The player will be able to choose between four pre-set characters, Logan, Xian Mei, Sam B, and Purna.

[edit] Trailer

[edit] Ending

Ending HD

[edit] Notes

  • Zombies in the game have fully-modelled layers of meat and muscle rendered into their bodies, meaning they have a multi-layered damage system with real-time skin injuries.
  • The video game takes inspiration from George A Romero's movies.
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