Banoi Island

Banoi Island
Live life wild but lighthearted – welcome to Banoi…

Banoi is the fictional island where Dead Island takes place. According to the official webiste it is located in the Papa New Guinean islands, located south of equator, north of Australia.

It's capital city is Moresby.

[edit] Official Description

Be caressed by the most delightful, varied, untamed and innocent landscapes – you might have imagined when dreaming of paradise.

Its pulsating tropical beauty offers many different natural wonders: from verdant rainforests – swathing volcanic mountains – to untouched coral atolls teeming with white, white beaches.

[edit] Notes

  • The name Banoi comes from Oceanian mythology; it is one of the names used in the New Hebrides, meaning the land of the dead. According to mythology it was located in Melanesia in the Pacific Ocean. It was believed that Banoi was an underwater realm inhabited by ghosts that segregated themselves from death and stayed in Banoi days before leaving the world of the living. Banoi has all the amenities found above land with the exception of gardens. It is also believed that those who have died of the same, or similar causes keep together. What relation any of this holds to the game is unknown at this point.

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